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Scholarship established to honor Wings parent.
El Paso, TX January 5, 2016 - -   For the upcoming 2016 track season the El Paso Wings Track Club has established a scholarship in remembrance of Samuel Tilles, a Wings parent who suddenly passed away this past year. Details of the scholarship are to be determined by the family, however the scholarship was established to benefit Wings athletes. If  you wish to make donations/memorials to this scholarship fund, please send checks to:  "El Paso Wings Track Club", 13444 Pine Valley Ave., El Paso, TX 79928, Attn: Samuel Tilles Scholarship Fund.  

Wings 2014 USATF National JO Track & Field Championship Results
Humble, Texas, July 27, 2014 - - In 2014 the El Paso Wings Track Club had 55 athletes qualify for the 2014 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships which were held in Humble, Texas July 21-27, 2014. There were many PR's and a couple of near misses for medals, however, nine (9) El Paso Wings Athletes returned home as All-Americans in seven (7) events.  Our top performer was Joshua Hernandez (15-16 boys) who medalled in 2 events: 2nd place in Hammer and 8th place in Discus.
Here are the full results for Wings athletes:

AthleteAge DivisionEventPlaceMark/time
Joshua Hernandez15-16 Boys Hammer256.31mAll-American
Joshwa Washington9-10 BoysTriathlon3663ptsAll-American
Matthew Munoz15-16 Boys 2000m Steeplechase306:11.4All-American
Maximus Mancilla8&U BoysJavelin523.58mAll-American
Bianca Parker9-10 Girls4x400m Relay604:41.6All-American
Lauren Walls-Portillo9-10 Girls4x400m Relay604:41.6All-American
Dominique "Nicky" Vasquez9-10 Girls4x400m Relay604:41.6All-American
Alisa "Jaleen" SIerra9-10 Girls4x400m Relay604:41.6All-American
Jasmine Mancilla9-10 GirlsJavelin821.15mAll-American
Joshua Hernandez15-16 Boys Discus848.46mAll-American
Lauren Walls-Portillo9-10 Girls1500m  905:32.1
Israel David9-10 Boys1500m 905:14.1
Justice Dickerson9-10 Girls1500m Racewalk1311:44.7 
Haley Gonzalez13-14 GirlsPentathlon132540pts 
Victoria Hernandez15-16 GirlsHammer1322.00m 
Joshua Hernandez15-16 Boys Shotput1314.66m
Alisa "Jaleen" SIerra9-10 GirlsTriathlon14884pts 
Stephen Stressow13-14 Boys4x800m Relay1510:07.5 
Ruben Gonzalez13-14 Boys4x800m Relay1510:07.5 
Freddy Silva13-14 Boys4x800m Relay1510:07.5 
Alex Valtierra13-14 Boys4x800m Relay1510:07.5 
Arielle Mack15-16 GirlsHigh Jump151.55m
Maximus Mancilla8&U BoysLong Jump163.46m
Joshwa Washignton9-10 BoysHigh Jump181.15m 
Lauren Walls-Portillo9-10 Girls800m1902:46.9 
Alisa "Jaleen" SIerra9-10 GirlsHigh Jump191.15m 
Jadsia Warden15-16 Girls200m2025.16s 
Arielle Mack15-16 GirlsTriple Jump2010.57m 
Adam Herrera11-12 Boys800m2102:25.9 
Oscar Cazares9-10 BoysJavelin2224.44m 
Joseph Venegas9-10 Boys4x400m Relay2205:16.9 
Andrew Pina9-10 Boys4x400m Relay2205:16.9 
Darian Ortiz9-10 Boys4x400m Relay2205:16.9 
Israel David9-10 Boys4x400m Relay2205:16.9 
Joseph Guerrero11-12 Boys4x400m Relay2504:39.4 
Luka Aguilera11-12 Boys4x400m Relay2504:39.4 
George Graham11-12 Boys4x400m Relay2504:39.4
A.J. Covington11-12 Boys4x400m Relay2504:39.4
Veronica Alvarez15-16 Girls4x100m Relay2750.62s
Ariadna Perez15-16 Girls4x100m Relay2750.62s
Elizabeth Hinojosa15-16 Girls4x100m Relay2750.62s
Jade' Williams15-16 Girls4x100m Relay2750.62s
Victoria Hernandez15-16 GirlsDiscus2831.16m 
Kristen Lopez15-16 GirlsJavelin2825.42m
Anaeli Ortiz15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "A"3004:25.3
Diana Ramirez15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "A"3004:25.3
Giselle David15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "A"3004:25.3
Jazlynn Beltran15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "A"3004:25.3
Samual Johnson17-18 Men4x400m Relay3003:28.3
Dominick Hutterer17-18 Men4x400m Relay3003:28.3
Roderick Hutterer17-18 Men4x400m Relay3003:28.3
Ted Weekley17-18 Men4x400m Relay3003:28.3
Joseph Guerrero11-12 Boys80m Hurdles3114.24s 
Israel David9-10 Boys800m3202:45.2 
Ted Weekley17-19 MenHigh Jump321.80m
Anaeli Ortiz15-16 GirlsTriple Jump3310.05m 
Samual Johnson17-18 Men400m3350.06s 
Alexis Guerrero15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "B"3404:30.3
Areanna Carmona15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "B"3404:30.3
Doralisa Lopez15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "B"3404:30.3
Yulissa David15-16 Girls4x400m Relay "B"3404:30.3
Bianca Parker9-10 Girls200m3529.73s
Maximus Mancilla8&U Boys200m3832.19m 
Faith Herrera13-14 Girls4x100m Relay3855.85s 
Jasmyn Washington13-14 Girls4x100m Relay3855.85s 
Daija Dickerson13-14 Girls4x100m Relay3855.85s 
Aurora Wayne13-14 Girls4x100m Relay3855.85s 
Adam Herrera11-12 Boys400m3901:01.7 
Elizabeth Hinojosa15-16 Girls400m3901:01.0 
Jacob Balandran8&U BoysLong Jump422.58m
Juan "Angel" Olmos11-12 BoysJavelin4521.59m 
Jacob Balandran8&U Boys100m4616.20s 

Wings Alumni Currently Competing with College Teams.
El Paso, TX, October 30, 2013 - - Over the years, the El Paso Wings Track Club has had many athletes graduate and continue their track & field and cross country endeavors in college.  This year we count several Wings alumni currently representing their schools.  We hope to keep track of everyone's progress, and give you updates on their success.  Let us know if anyone should be added to the list.

Robert Monticone - 2012 Americas HS Graduate, Competing in Track and Cross Country for Colby Community College
James Bias - 2012 Hanks HS Graduate, Competing in Track for UTEP
Dallas Hart - 2013 Hanks HS Graduate, Competing in Track for UTEP
Jordan Atkins - 2013 Burges HS Graduate, Competing in Track for UTEP
Shannon Luevano - 2013 Hanks HS Graduate, Competing in Cross Country for El Paso Community College
Javier Reyes - 2013 Montwood HS Graduate, Competing in Track and Cross Country for Texas A&M - Corpus Cristi
Stephen Wallace - 2013 Eastwood HS Graduate, Competing in Cross Country for NMSU

Wings 2013 USATF National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships Results
Greensboro, NC, July 28, 2013 - - The following are the Wings results from Nationals - per athlete.  We had 34 athletes qualify for Nationals, of those 23 made the trip.  It was a fun week, and we couldn't be more proud of the effort all the Wings gave!  They really gave it their all!  There were many PR's set, and as you can tell by the results, it was a very, very solid Wings performance accross the board.  The El Paso Wings Track Club wants to thank all the athletes for treating this with a serious mind.  Our athletes did everything they were supposed to do, followed coaches' instructions, and laid it all out there.  We also want to thank all the parents and coaches of our team as well.  Without them none of this would have happened.  This is what being a part of a great team is all about. 
Go Wings! FLY!
AthleteAge DivisionEventPlaceMark/time
Stephen Stresow11-12 Boys400m1259.24/59.49PR
Victoria Hernandez13-14 GirlsDiscus1329.34mPR
Kayla Pallarez17-18 Women1500m1605:09.7PR
Joshua Hernandez15-16 BoysShot Put1714.09mPR
Jacob Cobos15-16 BoysDecathlon183690PR
  Pole VaultNH  
Elizabeth Hinojosa13-14 Girls4x4002304:13.9PR
Anaeli Ortiz13-14 Girls4x4002304:13.9PR
Jasmyn Washington13-14 Girls4x4002304:13.9PR
Allison Fajardo13-14 Girls4x4002304:13.9PR
Adam Herrera9-10 Boys400m241:05.37/1:06.50
Brian Gonzalez15-16 Boys4x4002403:34.3PR
Matthew Munoz15-16 Boys4x4002403:34.3PR
Samuel Johnson15-16 Boys4x4002403:34.3PR
Domenick Hutterer15-16 Boys4x4002403:34.3PR
Maximus Mancilla7-8 BoysJavelin2513.85PR
Lauren Walls-Portillo9-10 Girls1500m2505:46.4
Joshwa Washington9-10 BoysHigh Jump261.10m 
Katrina Segobiano9-10 Girls4x4002905:24.4
Demetreal Green9-10 Girls4x4002905:24.4 
Jasmine Mancilla9-10 Girls4x4002905:24.4
Oscar Cazarez9-10 BoysJavelin3123.08m 
Ariadna Perez13-14 Girls4x1003452.39PR
Jadsia Warden15-16 Girls200m4526.28 

Help the El Paso Wings Track Club Earn $2500
El Paso, Texas, March 26, 2013 - The El Paso Wings Track Club is asking for your help to earn one of 15 $2,500 Grants from Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program.  Community Grant is part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program which is an ongoing effort championing and celebrating responsibility in youth sports.  This community-based program offers meaningful, easy-to-us educational resources for youth sports parents and coaches. "The Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program targets many of the issues we see happening at youth sporting events by shining a positive light on what it means to be a responsible coach and a responsible sport parent.  Beyond that, Liberty Mutual is supporting local organizations like the El Paso Wings Track Club to offset the costs of providing a valuable youth sports experience," said Julie Brassard, Marketing Manager at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

The Responsible Sports program, including the Community Grants, comes at a crucial time for communities like ours.  Like other communities across the U.S., our own youth sports programs are under pressure from increasing numbers of participants, limited volunteer activity and mounting program management and administration costs.  The Responsible Sports program provides access to valuable resources and assets that can ensure our organizations thrive even under challenging circumstances.

"I am excited to be a part of a grant program that rewards organizations for promoting the very values we have promoted all along.  Good and responsible sportsmanship among parents, coaches and athletes is paramount to every young athlete's success and development," said Deanne Rankins, President of the El Paso Wings Track Club.

The El Paso Wings Track Club is asking individual community members to read one of the online guides (Responsible Coaching and Responsible Sport Parenting) and take a quick 10-question quiz. Every completed quiz is worth one point.  The top five organizations that earn the most points by May 31st in each of the three divisions will earn one of the 15 grants. Complete details on the grants as well as the guides and quizzes are available through the official program website at

The El Paso Wings Track Club has been participating in youth track & field in El Paso since 1987.  Our team is run entirely of volunteers who teach the fundamentals of track & field events while developing responsible sportsmanship and leadership values that carry over into each athlete's daily lives.  Over 100 athletes ages 5 to 18 participate in our program each year, and we have produced Regional and National champions along the way.  More information on the El Paso WIngs Track Club can be found at

About Liberty Mutual Insurance  
"Helping people live saver, more secure lives" since 1912, Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance is a diversified global insurer and the third largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S. based on 2011 direct premiums written as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.  Liberty Mutual Insurance also ranks 84th on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. corporations based on 2011 revenue.  The company has over 50,000 employees located in more than 900 offices throughout the world.

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Liberty Mutual Insurance is the Official Property and Casualty and Life Insurance Partner of the 2014 and 2016 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

El Paso Wings has 60 National Qualifiers
Athletes qualified for the USATF National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championship
July 9, 2012
This weekend, the El Paso Wings Track Club competed in the USATF Region 10 Track & Field Championships, held at Kidd Field in El Paso, Texas.   The top 5 finishers in each event earned a spot in the USATF National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships, which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland July 23rd through July 29th, 2012.   60 El Paso Wings Track Club athletes qualified for the National Championship meet.   Of those, 11 athletes can now call themselves Regional Champions. 
Bianca Parker, Sub-Bantam Girls 100m
Lauren Walls-Portillo, Sub-Bantam Girls 800m as well as the 1500m
Oscar Cezares, Sub-Bantam Boys Javelin
Midget Girls 4x100m Relay - Comprised of Erica Hernandez, Faith Herrera, Jasmyn Washington, and Annie Johnson
Young Mens 4x400m Relay - Comprised of Robert Monticone, Aiden Urbina, James Bias, Jr., and Dallas Hart.
Lauren Walls-Portillo's 800m and 1500m finishes were also new Region 10 record breaking performances.
El Paso Wings Recieves USATF Foundation Youth Grant
Youth Grant Provides for Much Needed Equipment
January 23, 2012
In October 2011, the El Paso Wings Track Club was awarded the USATF Foundation Youth Grant.  The grant, totalling $1500, provided for the purchase of 10 hurdles, 1 hurdle form-finder, and 1 800g javelin.   This much needed equipment will benefit our athletes greatly.   Our club has never owned its own equipment for hurdles, and has often relied upon borrowing items from schools for hurdle training.  That equipment is often not readily available when school is in session.  This equipment will allow our hurdles coaches to provide hurdle practice and training throughout the year.   Since the javelin throw is not a school event in Texas, clubs must provide their own javelins for training and competion.  With a small donation, we were also able to have "WINGS" printed on the hurdle boards.Thanks to this grant, our club can continue to provide the necessary equipment and keep the costs of participating in the sport of track and field as reasonable as possible for our young athletes.  
First Malaika G. Henry Award Winners Announced
2011 Cross Country Athletes honored at awards banquet
January 13, 2012
Beginning with the 2011 cross country season, the El Paso Wings Track Club presented a new award honoring the memory of a former Wing athlete, Malaika G. Henry.  This award honors cross country athletes (1 boy and 1 girl) who stand out as possitive influences to those around them.   At the El Paso Wings Track Club Cross Country Awards Banquet on January 13, 2012, Matthew Munoz (Youth Boy) and Ocean Stevens (Youth Girl) were presented with the 2011 Malaika G. Henry Award.